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Obituary for Lloyd Davis

Lloyd Patrick Davis passed away untimely on February 10, 2021 from complications of Covid-19, in Brooklyn, NY. Lloyd, also known as "Trevor", "Root", "Flagga" and "Juicey" was born to Lynval and Minna Davis on April 10. 1949 in Port Antonio, Jamaica. He was a hardworking, dedicated father of seven, who spent countless hours working to ensure his family was never in need. He was a man respected for his unwavering stance on principle and discipline, and feared for his often very stern tone and fearless attitude. He was not a man of many words, and would often convey his message with just a glance. He was never one to hug, but you felt his love in everything he did. Lloyd was a son, a brother, a trusted friend but for us he was our pillar of support and strength in many ways. Lloyd is survived by his wife, Patricia Davis, his four sons, three daughters, twenty-three grand kids and one great grand child.